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Mob Wives - Fuhgeddaboudit!

People love to watch train wrecks, and the VH1 hit show "Mob Wives," which miraculously has run for two seasons, is a train wreck of biblical proportions.

"Mob Wives" is such a monstrosity that it is beyond belief that a show starring several loud, cranky, surgically altered, unpleasant, and uninteresting women could be such a big commercial success; so much so, there's two spinoffs presently on television: "Chicago Mob Wives," and "The Big Ang Show,"staring Big Ang Raiola. (Big Ang is a character in "Mob Wives," who is so big in so many ways she resembles a WWE wrestler in drag; with breasts the size of boulders and lips the size of limousine mud flaps.)

This book consists of my "Joe Bruno on the Mob" blogs concerning "Mob Wives," along with the responses I've received from my readers, both on my blog and on my Facebook page "Mobsters, Gangs," where I also post my blog. 

Some of the responses are hysterical; some are dumb; and some are downright obscene. I've tried to clear up the obscenities and the bad English the best I could. 

After reading this book, if you still decide to watch Season 3 of "Mob Wives," then there's nothing I can do for you. You're hooked and you're probably watching "Chicago Mob Wives and "The Big Ang Show," too.
God have mercy on your soul.

And if you have never seen "Mob Wives" and are contemplating watching one of the three shows, or any combination thereof, this book might talk you out of doing so.

One can only hope.

Mob Wives - Fuhgeddaboudit by Joe Bruno

The Wrong Man: Who killed Gambler Herman Rosenthal and Why

2012 is the 100-year anniversary of the murder of small-time gambler Herman Rosenthal - the most celebrated murder of its time. Make no mistake, there are no good guys here, no innocent victims. The fact is an offensive and offensive-looking well-known criminal framed a crooked New York City police lieutenant for the killing of an odious stool pigeon. People in the underworld cheered the death of Herman Rosenthal; he was that much disliked. But that doesn't negate the fact that the wrong man sat in Sing Sing's electric chair for ordering Rosenthal's murder, while the man who framed him - and actually ordered the murder of Herman Rosenthal - walked away scot free, content in the knowledge that he was able to fool so many prominent law enforcement officials so easily.
This is how it all happened.

Read the first chapter on Joe's Blog!

The Wrong Man by Joe Bruno



"Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps-Volume 3- New York City"

Like The Don said, “Forget the cannoli; but buy this book, or I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.”

As with Volumes 1 & 2, "Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps - Volume 3- New York City” is filled with delightful vignettes on some of the worse creatures God has ever created. The most decadent article is the piece on The Old Brewery, located in the Five Points section of Lower Manhattan, where murder and debauchery, including incest, were an everyday occurrence. Close behind is Satan's Circus, a section of New York City in Midtown Manhattan which displayed a brothel every few feet, and a gambling house on every street corner.

Disasters are covered here too; in the essays on the Brooklyn Theater Fire of 1876, and the General Slocum Paddleboat Fire of 1904. And if you are a fan of the Mafia, you won't be disappointed in the bios on Carlo Gambino, Vito Genovese, Paul Castellano, and Carmine Galente, the last two of whom died in a hail of gunfire in public places; their gruesome death photos splattered on the front pages of the New York City daily newspapers.

Female reprobates are also featured. Like Sadie the Goat, who made a fine living rolling drunks on the Lower East Side docks, before she made the big-time as a riverboat pirate, plundering and pillaging along the Hudson River all the way to upstate New York. And let's not forget Evelyn Mittelman, called “The Kiss of Death,” because several of her boyfriends were murdered by her next boyfriend in line.
This book is not for the faint of heart. But if you like reading about murderers, crooks, disasters, and degenerates, you've come to the right place.

Missed Vol 1 & 2? No problem!

Mobsters,Gangs,Crooks, and Other Creeps - Vol 2 - New York City

Mobsters,Gangs,Crooks, and Other Creeps - Vol 1 - New York City

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